Book Review – Pregnancy Style

When I finally found myself coming out of my first trimester funk, I began trying to understand what was going on with my body and to try to become more excited about this whole pregnancy thing. This is a quick book review of a few of the books I first read. Expecting Better by… Continue reading Book Review – Pregnancy Style

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New Beauty RoundUp – Chinese New Year

Now that the Christmas season has passed, it has left a little gap in the beauty realm... I mean, not really. There is never truly a down period in the beauty industry. But after all the holiday glitz, I was ready for something new. And that something that recently caught my eye was several brands… Continue reading New Beauty RoundUp – Chinese New Year


I'm Back

It has legit been a year since I have logged on to my website and for that I apologize. I started my youtube channel and it was way more work that I expected.... Then... I got pregnant. And suffered from major first trimester depression. Now that those have subsided, I am willing and excited to… Continue reading I'm Back