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India Blog (#5) – Travel and Orchha

Apologies in advance. This post is mainly a travel post. It was an incredibly long day, with getting up at 5 am, a train trip, a bus trip, rerouting, traffic, and just a lot of hassle. 

Having said that, I think experiencing traffic and trains and madness/frustration is part of experiencing India. 

The morning we headed to the railway station to board the Shatabdi Express train to Jhansi.

Once we got off the train, it was time to head to the bus. So. Much. Traffic.

 There was a festival going on so we saw lots of carts full of women.

The best part of the bus trip was the lunch stop in the medieval city of Orchha on the River Betwa. Orchha was such a lovely, quiet city. We were able to explore in relative peace with no crowds or people pushing their goods upon us. Plus, the buildings were incredible. 

More driving and much more traffic later, we ended up in Khajuraho, site of the world-famous Khajuraho Temples with their erotic carvings, dating back to the Chandela Dynasty. It was an early night after dinner in Khajuraho. 

This is by far one of the least interesting post days, for which I apologize. But more posts are coming! 

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