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India Blog (#1) 2018- Delhi

It was a long, long journey to India. But getting some place is always so much more exciting.

Delhi is a natural starting point for an India trip, especially if you are going to see the Golden triangle. The airport is large and easy to navigate, customs were manageable, and finding our ride was simple. Our tour included a driver to get us to the hotel, which was nice when you are so tired.

We got to our hotel about 1pm and immediately showered and had lunch at the hotel. I had hoped to go to the Lotus temple, but Zach was not feeling it, and we were both absolutely exhausted. Thus, all we did in India on our first day was sleep and eat.

The second day was the start of exploring India.  Our first stop was to Jama Masjid, the largest and best-known mosque in India. It was the most simple in design of all the places we went. It was also the least crowded, perhaps because of the time of morning. You do have to cover up entirely if you are a woman, hence the less than awesome purple gown. This was actually my first visit to a mosque, although Zach had been to one before.

After this, we went on a rickshaw ride around the area. You HAVE to do this in India. It was so fun and absolutely an experience that you need.

Third stop was the Raj Ghat, a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, and site of his cremation. This is a quick stop, but again recommended. This was one of history’s most influential men and perhaps the most defining figure to outsiders of Indian history.

Humayun’s Tomb was the most surprising part of Delhi. It was likely my favorite part of my Delhi adventure. This was stunning, the buildings and the grounds were breathtaking. It was overall, quiet as well. India can be so noisy that places where you can walk and breath are amazing.

Final stop on Day 2 was the sikh temple. Neither Zach nor I had ever been to a Sikh temple, which makes everything more fun. The Sikhs are a generous people, serving three meals a day through their kitchen. The mass amount of effort and food was incredible. Here you have to cover your head for sanitary reasons, both men and women. While the temple was not my favorite in terms of architecture, it was my favorite display of generosity in religion, perhaps ever.

The next day, we packed up and got ready to head to Jaipur. However, we had one big stop before we left Delhi. It was the Qutab Minar Victory Tower. We spent far, far too little time here and our tour guide didn’t even think it was worth buying a ticket. However, it was one of our favorite spots and I wish we had a few hours here.

See you next week for some more India!

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