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Spring Fashion Week 2018- Overalls

This is not a trend I will likely be participating in, but one cannot deny that the overall trend is everywhere! So much so that even Z. noticed.

A classic and simple shorts pair from H&M for $29.99.

hmprod (1)

Along the same vein, but who doesn’t love Target?


Similar in style, but with pockets! This pair from the Gap can be had for $59.99.


Want to rock this in dress form? Try this H&M bib dress for $34.99


For a more traditional length but still cool, this pair still shows off those ankles.

hmprod (3)

It doesn’t get more traditional than this pair for $69.99 at the Gap?


Same length but with an edgier twist, try this pair from Target.


So will you be rocking this trend? As for me, I don’t care for outfits that require I get completely undressed to pee, so I will probably pass on this.

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