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Etsy Designers I love… in time for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner. If your mom is like my mom, she asks for nothing and she wants nothing. My mother has entered the stage of life where she wants is time with those she loves rather than material things. However, I still like to occasionally gift a little something to commemorate the occasion.

This time, instead of focusing on the big box stores, I am going to focus on our Etsy sellers. I tried my best to find real people, but I am going off descriptions so I cannot verify these are not a factory in China.

Let’s check out these designers, shall we?

Cotacoco. I cannot believe you can get designs like this at this price point! It is such lovely pieces that look chic yet timeless. Sadly, this is not my mother’s taste or this would be where I would be ordering my mother’s day gift.



Half circle bracelet; white marble earrings; rose quartz and green earrings; turquoise earrings; rose gold tassel earrings; black leather earrings 

Flomory. This designer focuses on taking elements of nature and preserving them for wear. I love how organic her line is.


gold ring; dandelion necklace; moss necklaceterrarium necklace 

HLCollection. Quintessential simplicity.

Initial bar necklace; double circle necklace; drop earrings; crescent necklace; filigree ring; gold hamsa necklace

Share your favorite etsy sellers in the comments! I love to discover new talent!

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