2018 Quarter One Goals

Visit my good friends in STL. Working nightshift has absolutely destroyed my social life and my desire to leave my house. I am just not being the social person I want to be and it is affecting my mental health. So, I am making it a priority to reconnect with the girls that mean so much to me, starting by a long weekend visit.

Along with that goal, I want to host 2 dinner parties

Go on my girls’ trips and truly be in the moment.

Pay $8000 towards debt and save $2000. Z and I are on a debt free journey and it is going to take much longer than either of us had hoped for. However, it is one of our priorities, so we will be working away at it.

Attend 8 yoga classes. Nursing takes a wreck on your body and yoga helps me combat the neck and back pain. I am really struggling with getting in gym time, but 8 is so reasonable.

Cook 3 times a week. Again, nightshift has killed my routine and my health habits have taken a hit.

Finish decorating the living room and hallway. Including repainting.

I’d love to hear what your resolutions are for this year!

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