2017 Year in Review

This year, I made my first real loaves of bread and got super into it.


It was a rough political year, but I was able to see my city come together in support of those who have come to call this their home.


I finally was bold enough to embrace fun hair, and am I ever glad I did



Another year with this fabulous crew of nieces and the nephew.

My husband threw me the most epic 30th birthday, ever.

I graduated college with my BSN!

Started my first nursing job,


And went to some really cool place.

I spent more time bonding with my female friends and it was one of the wisest things I have ever done. Girls need girls. IMG_3188

We added a new member to the family.


Overall, a very monumental year for me. It was hard and scary, but there was so much joy and bonding with my handsome husband. I won’t find if 2018 is slower, but we will embrace whatever happens.

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