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October 2017 Favorites

While wandering the aisles of Costco, I saw this beauty. I HAD to have it. HAD. Z was very skeptical, but he has definitely come around to how soft and warm and perfect this blanket is. I don’t think this has been off my lap a moment I’ve been home since I got it.


For food favorites, I have been trying to back off all the coffee I am drinking. I have already been struggling with sleep and the coffee has not been helpful. But I still want a warm beverage on my way to work. What I have added in is the Twining Earl Gray with Lavender tea. So delicious and much less caffeine.


When I have been drinking coffee, it has been the World Market pumpkin coffee. It is the first time I have ever had World Market coffee and I have been pleased with the light pumpkin flavor.


Beauty favorites this month is a hair product. I spend a lot of money on my hair and want to properly take care of it. My stylist recently recommended changing my shampoo to help with my dry scalp and I followed her recommendation. My hair is dry, so I need a new conditioner, but my scalp looks amazing. I have been loving the Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo.


One last favorite. I went to this fabulous wedding and needed a dress. And I gave myself 2 hours to shop. Because I is smart.

But I found this beauty. I have never paid full price for a dress before, but I absolutely loved it. I plan to wear it to all the holiday parties.


What did you love this month?

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