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Weekly Blog 14

I took all the time to relax this week because I knew I had a lot of long work weeks coming up.

It was also time for my quarterly girls brunch!!!

I started my week with a long cooking day and working on my French chicken stew.


So yummy, right?

I have been so blessed that I can get together every other week or so with my girlfriend, Kelsey, for post-work brunch. We went to Toast on Market and had sugar water, also known as a gingerbread latte.


Night shift is weird because it feels like morning when you wake up, but really, it is 3 in the afternoon. However, if you stop by my house at 3pm on a work day, you’ll probably find me keeping warm in a matching pj set and sipping a cup of pumpkin coffee. Probably petting a dog too.


Work was not bad this week, but it was terrible food wise. I desperately try to not eat crap and invest in my body during my work hours. But not this week. I was a human garbage can. I think I am just not coping well with being off orientation.


The good side is that I am leaving in the dark now, which makes going to bed much easier.


Finally, it was the weekend and it was time for my girls brunch. I try to throw a quarterly brunch for the girls I went to nursing school with.

The key to a stress free party is to prepare. Friday night was spent mixing sangria and putting together dishes.



It even allows you to spend the rest of the evening relaxing with a handsome dude and watch Halloween movies.

Brunch the next morning was perfection. I am so insanely lucky with my group of girlfriends and making time with them is a big priority for me.

This was my look for the day.


Think all the excitement is over? Not at all!! We actually had tickets that night for the Va Va Vixens, which is our local burlesque group. Naturally, I had to dress up!

Tell me all about your wonderful Halloween happenings!



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