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13 Nights of Halloween

Halloween is one of the best seasons to host a movie night, in my humble opinion, because you can so easily customize it. You can host a movie and cocktail night with your girlfriends or have the little nieces and nephews over for pumpkin pie and movies… maybe throw in some homemade pizza with both options.

However, I am a big ol’ wimp. Fortunately, there are some amazing movies amazing movies that are perfect for the season, but also family friendly and/or fun enough for this big baby.

Here are my favorite non-scary Halloween movies! Bonus, they will have you riding the nostalgic train hardcore.


Casper. Available on Amazon, Youtube,


Hocus Pocus. Available on Amazon,


Halloweentown. God, I love this movie. Disney channel cheese at its finest. Find it on Amazon, Youtube. 


Nightmare before Christmas. Amazon, Netflix.


Arsenic and Old Lace. A classic Halloween comedy that will have you on the floor rolling. For rent on Amazon,


Harry Potter series. Some people watch this at Christmas, but for me, it is perfect for the Halloween season. After all, you’re a witch, Harry! Here is the series on Amazon.


Corpse Bride. Bonus it is only 0.99 on Amazon. Netflix.


Coraline. Available on Amazon, YoutubeNetflix.


Sweeney Todd. this might be slightly scary and not for young children. Available on AmazonYoutube, Hulu.


Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Available on AmazonYoutube,


The Addams Family. Available on Amazon. Youtube. Hulu. Netflixdownload

Mickey’s House of Villians. If you like old cartoons, definitely give this a watch. It’s adorable. Available on Youtube.


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Available on Amazon.


Practical magic. Available on Amazon, Netflix.


Young Frankenstein. An old-y, but a perfect-y. Available on Netflix.


Ghostbusters. Available on AmazonYoutube.


Little Shop of Horrors. Available on Hulu, for rent on Amazon.


2 thoughts on “13 Nights of Halloween

  1. This is a very solid list particularly agree with Coraline, although I would argue that the Nightmare before Christmas is more of a Christmas movie. Thanks for the list!


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