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Weekly Blog #9

Despite working what felt like a billion hours, all of which were terrible and long, this was actually a super duper fun week.

In part because the world has finally got on the same level as me and admitted it is fall!



Z. and I were working ferociously on the house this week. Then one night we popped into Home Depot and saw this beauty.


This is an 8ft t-rex skeleton. OMG I need it and I don’t understand why people are hesitant. I mean, I make money. Why make money if you can’t spend it on stuff like this?!?!

Continuing with the fall theme, I embrace all the fall type foods. I made pizza. I made sugar cookies.

IMG_2883 (1)


This week also marked the 4th anniversary of Z. and I getting engaged. We celebrated with a very romantic dinner at Taco Bell. We even went in to eat!


Don’t ever let me fool you… Z and I are the classiest. Ever. But in all honesty, we ate way too much Taco Bell when we were both dating and engaged, so it has some weird sentimental value for us.

Saturday night we had friends over for a pie and chili party. It was so much fun.


Honestly, is there much more in life wonderful than a home filled with friends and lots of good food?!?!

What rocked your week?

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