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The Case for the Dining Room table

Now, I know that, unlike me, all of my readers never come exhausted after a long day, make dinner, and then proceed to sit on the couch with your partner and eat dinner on the couch while watching the latest episode of My 600lb life. Because adults don’t do that, right?!?!

But, despite not following my own advice, I have to make the case for eating at the dining room table. Or whatever surface you have designated for eating and is not your couch.


One, I made excellent food. Seriously, I am an insanely good cook. And my food deserves to stand on its own and not compete with trash tv.


Second, I don’t know about you and your significant other, but Z. and I work insane hours. We aren’t always the best about putting time aside for the two of us, but when we eat dinner, we make time for conversation. We discuss how we hate Trump and our local governor, what is happening at work, or our next travel plans. Or we shameless gossip about people we know. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what we talk about as long as we are talking together. Z. always said he loved dinner because it lets us be fully engaged

Three, it’s hard to balance a wine glass and a dinner plate at the same time. And you really should do both at the same time.

Four, it allows you do make indulgences part of daily life. I regularly use my fine or vintage china when eating Tuesday night dinner. Or I make a bread basket. I play a record. Dinner is our daily indulgence and we both deserve it. Plus, it serves as a daily reminder how blessed we are.

So, I know it seems hard and like extra dishes. But most things worth having are a little hard. This is one totally worth it to me. So, try it for a week. Play a record. Light the candles. Eat together at the table. You’re worth it, my friends.

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