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New diet – the Daniel Plan

My family, not just Z. and I, but also my parents and siblings all struggle with obesity. And it something that literally and figuratively weighs on us. Z. and I had made great strides in improving our general health, but we fell off the wagon hard when I started nursing school.

So, when my father suggested that we all, as a family unit, start the Daniel plan, I was very pro it. For one, it great matched the way Z. and I were eating when we were successful and two, it wasn’t a diet filled with tons of restrictions. The basic idea is set up your diet to be:

  • 50 percent non-starchy veggies
  • 25 percent healthy animal or vegetable proteins
  • 25 percent healthy starch or whole grains
  • Side of low-glycemic fruit
  • Drink—water or herbal ice teas

Reasonable, right? For more details on what foods to eat, see this list. Throw in some exercise and stay consistent in the Word to address your spiritual health.

To help me stay accountable, I am going to be blogging a “What I eat in a Week” posts for the next little bit, although I will certainly not be perfect. If you eat the Daniel plan, I would love to see what you eat. If you don’t eat the Daniel plan, I hope the food we are eating will also help you with finding new ideas for eating a little healthier.

Let’s see where this journey takes us!

2 thoughts on “New diet – the Daniel Plan

    1. Thanks! This one feels even easier because there are four households doing it and supporting each other (each of my siblings and their spouses/kids, and my parents)!


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