Why I Cancelled my Glam bag

I have been a glam bag subscriber since the days it was Ipsy… that’s four years now that I have subscribed to their services. This week I cancelled my subscription. It feels weird and I will miss it… I think. I didn’t cancel because I was angry or anything dramatic. I might even come back to it someday. But today I cancelled my subscription.

For those of you not in the beauty obsessed world, glam bag is a monthly subscription service that sends you 3 to 5 “deluxe” beauty products once a month for $10. You can check it out here.

For those of you who know me personally, you know I am a make-up junkie. I love make-up, both high end and drugstore; I love wearing it; I love playing with colors and new products. When I joined Ipsy, it was brand new and I adored Michelle Phan; plus, I wanted to really experiment with new products because I was new to makeup and I really didn’t know what I liked.

All sounds great, right? So, why did I leave? Part of it is financial in that I feel like next year will be very tight financially and I need to slim down on unnecessary stuff. But at $10 a month, I could have easily kept it if I wanted to. In truth, I mostly did it because I want to start being much more intentional with my beauty budget. I am in a place now where I am more confident in what I like. I would honestly rather ridiculously indulge in my favorite $20 mascara a few times a year or buy one new palette that I love than try 3 to 5 samples of new products that I may or may not like 12 times a year. My makeup drawers are overflowing and I am ready to simply streamline and indulge in the products I know and love rather than constantly searching for the new thing for me.

So, I have no grudge against Glam bag and I think they are wonderful for beginners, but this beauty fiend is off to other adventures for now.

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